From Dust…

I’ve been playing some From Dust and this game is a pure console port in its worst form.

  • No graphic options
  • Controls feels awkward, adapted to controller and not KB+mouse
  • Locked at 30 fps…

Also, Ubisoft lied about the DRM (surprise! surprise!). According to Ubisoft the DRM would be a one-time-only online activation but in fact the game needs an internet connection everytime you start it. 

I’ve requested a refund from Steam but I doubt I’ll receive it, Valv€ never was big on community support and end-user rights. I’ll never pre-purchase a Ubisoft game again.

Where did all the (entertaining) movies go?

This question has been on my mind lately, what happened to all the entertaining movies?

Seems like every movie released from year 2000 and onward has to have a child with a terminal disease (or three), a person questioning his/hers existence (or better yet, their sexuality) or be flooded with terrible CGI. This is just so depressing…

I never did understand the purpose of depressing movies, do people actually live so happy lives they need a counterbalance? Or are they so bound to everyday life that they need a movie to remind them about life. Personally, I’m thankful for my life and health everyday, my thoughts also go out to struggling families and people all over the world on a daily basis.

To be honest, I pity people who need a reminder about all the horrible things in life, I really do.

Why is it today, that every movie needs a political agenda, an opinion or let’s be frank; to be a propaganda vessel for some cause? Take your god damn causes and shove them, I watch movies for entertainment, not to be told how to think. If I wanted a 1½-2 hour propaganda broadcast I’d just watch the swedish public service channels for an equal amount of time.

Propaganda movies might be all the rage in Hollywood but I’m not sure it is as appreciated in the living room…

And lose the crap CGI. you’re just making fools of yourselves. CGI blood even? I didn’t realise there was a shortage of fresh blood with all the slaughter houses but whatever…

DRM – saving money!

Was just about to buy Test Drive Unlimited 2 when I saw it comes with a nice cup of SecuROM and a 4 machine activation limit.

So I ask this question: Why pay for limitations when I can get it for free without limitations?

DRM is encouraging piracy, ah well, at least it saves me some of my cash. Test Drive Unlimited 2: Free Edition, here I come!