Top 2 games 2010

1. Just Cause 2

A giant sandbox with all the toys in the world. Incredible free roam, pretty good story and awesome gameplay.

2. Metro 2033

Amazing storytelling, stunning visuals and decent gameplay.

Why no top 3 or top 10? Simply because no other games released 2010 are worthy.


Jets vs Pats

So I was chatting to an american the other day and the chat went something like this:


Me: Yeeah


Me: What’s pats?


Him: *** user disconntected ***

So here I am, still clueless about the jets and the “pats”, though increasingly convinced that americans really think they are alone on this planet.

I want to believe that this guy was a true rarity, however, similar events take place far too often for me to fool myself.  Help me out here, americans, I’m struggling to believe in you.

And FYI, Sweden does not equal Switzerland.

World of Warcraft: The journey continues

I’m in the process of lvling my lock, currently lvl 40. It is with great disgust that I see what the WoW community has become like. People are more rude than ever and they flee from the slightest challenge, like leaving dungeon groups at the first sign of difficulty. This is one of the reasons why I enjoy PvP, there’s no greater feeling than sending the finishing shadow bolt up the #@! of a player you know to be less than civilized. Which is why I have initiated a faction change 😀

I wonder how deep this erosion of the human race goes and how limited it is to virtual worlds and communities. Will the coming generations grow up to fear and flee every challenge they meet in life?

Top 5 places in World of Warcraft

1. Duskwood
With its’ immersive environment, creepy sounds and questlines this zone has to be my alltime favorite in WoW.
During WoW classic era this zone was known (on my server at least) for its’ rich PvP, the baby brother of Stranglethorn Vale and Hillsbrad PvP-wise.

2. Dalaran
This city is awesome, the design is awesome, flying city is awesome! I still feel like Harry Potter everytime I go there. I just wish it had more streets and shops to visit!

3. Feralas
Although my visits to Feralas are limited in numbers, they are not limited in time spent. The lush forest that is Feralas invites you to a mysterious place, a dangerous place…

4. Stranglethorn Vale
If you wanted PvP (and you did ofc!), STV was the place to be. This jungle is awesome in so many ways. It is highly populated by different NPC factions. The zone is rich in terrain and beautiful environment. There’s also Booty Bay ^^.

5. Tyr’s Hand
This place holds a special place in my heart. During a limited time period this place was the grinding spot for all maxed out level 60 players. On late nights, after the kids had gone to bed, the PvP would sometimes stop in favor for cross-faction teamwork and just having a good time.

I spent WoW classic on the EU server Frostwhisper. Made a lot of friends and some enemies too. At a certain point, this server was great, had a great community. For some reason just before the first expansion was released the server was swarmed by kids and retards.
R.I.P. Frostwhisper-EU, I miss you.