If a game fulfills one or more of these points it should be open for piracy, meaning that if I would download that game illegally I would still sleep like a baby, feeling that I have done nothing wrong.

A game…

  • with any form of DRM.
  • no longer supported by the developer/publisher.
  • requiring a non-working service to play.
  • which doesn’t contain features promised by the developer/publisher (if it’s promised to be in the game by release, it better damn should be).

Pirating a faulty product wouldn’t take a toll on my moral standard, especially if the product has been marketed as being fully functional and without the flaws I have listed.


One thought on “Piracy

  1. These are essentially my standards as well.
    I want what is advertised, and I want it to work properly. I’m sick of buying a new game a opening the box to a *poof* of empty promises wafting away, and all the little broken bits tumbling out on the floor.

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